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Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Silicon Valley Tax Directors Group is to promote sound, long-term tax policies that support innovation and the global competitiveness of the U.S. technology industry. Members of this group believe that tax policies should enhance opportunities for growth by encouraging and rewarding enterprises that develop goods and services that meet international market standards.

The companies represented by the Group depend on research and development in order to remain on the cutting edge of technology innovation and to compete in the international marketplace. Due to their large expenditures on research and development, it is necessary to maintain worldwide sales levels. (Approximately half of all U.S. technology revenue comes from international sales.)

The Group believes that long-term tax policies should enhance and support innovation and competitiveness by:

  1. Stimulating increased research and development.
  2. Making it easier for U.S. corporations to compete internationally.
  3. Encouraging investment in capital assets.
  4. Bolstering efforts to develop and reward a skilled U.S. workforce.

Our purpose is to strive for the implementation of long-term tax policies that will allow the U.S. technology industry to continue to be innovative and competitive in the global marketplace.

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